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The Art of Jennifer Bohlander

The majority of artwork Jennifer Bohlander produces in an expression of living things interacting with their environment or community.  While she works in many different mediums and environments, she prefers to paint in oil on wood, creating a relationship between the subject and organic matter.


Jennifer is an artist and an entrepreneur.  Passionate about the world of art and artists, she has been painting her entire life, and tattooing her original art for over 20 years.  She has won numerous awards for her work over the years,  and  her work can be found in several collections around the country.  She has been a Kansas resident for the past 25 years.

To inquire about purchase online, use the 'Inquire" button in the online gallery on the piece you are interested in.

To purchase a piece you have seen in person, visit the gallery on the second floor during operating hours, OR, send an email any time night or day!


We're in Lawrence, too!

You can now view and purchase art from the 785 Arts collection in Lawrence thanks to our partnership with ART LOVE COLLECTIVE, 646 Vermont, downtown. Paintings by Miranda Easton, MaryBeth Timothy, Jennifer Bohlander and more in addition to framed prints by Avis Charley, 3-D work, jewelry, even ribbon skits!  Authentic Native American artwork as well as emerging NE Kansas artists.

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