We acknowledge...

785 Arts Acknowledges that we are located on the homeland of the Kanza, Neshnabe, Shawano, Lenape, Wyandotte,, Ni-U-Kon-Ska people, and pay our respects to the elders past, present as well as future generations of all Indigenous people who have, do and will live on this land.  As Tsa-la-gi/Giduwa, we thank them for their hospitality and use of this land.


785 Arts opened in Topeka, Kansas in January, 2020 bringing authentic Cherokee arts to Amused Gallery located in Topeka's NOTO Arts & Entertainment district, including doublewall basketry, cornhusk dolls, red clay jewelry and contemporary arts.  We also offer classes for children, adults, groups, homeschool groups, schools and creative aging.  Classes include basketry, cornhusk dolls, Cherokee language, kids cultural camp experiences, and customized programs.

In January, 2022, 785 Arts reopened in Topeka's historic Columbian Building with the addition of an authentic Native American art gallery.  The gallery features contemporary art from artists who are tribal citizens or certified by Federally-recognized tribal governments, following all requirements of the Indian Arts and Crafts Act.  You can be assured that all items claimed as Native American are genuine Native American made.

785 Arts is the designated Lead Curator for the Mayor's Art Initiative.  Local art of all genres and mediums are welcome for submission.

Lisa LaRue-Baker, proprietress, instructor and artist

Lisa LaRue Baker is an eclectic, a creator and a curator. 
As a federally registered Native American (enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma), she is a traditional double-wall basket maker, taught by Cherokee Nation Living Treasure Basket Maker Anna Sixkiller.  As a staff member of Cherokee Nation’s Cultural Resource Center and later Director of Language, History and Culture for the Keetoowah Band of Cherokee in Oklahoma, she has taught thousands of children and adults over a 20+ year timespan, to make Cherokee baskets, cornhusk dolls, jewelry, as well as Cherokee language and culture.  She was the Director of the Keetoowah’s tribal museum, and an exhibit designer for the Cherokee Heritage Center. She has her work in both museums, as well as the collection of the Five Civilized Tribes Museum and in numerous Federal government collections.

She was born and raised in Topeka, Kansas by her maternal grandparents, and spent most of her adult life in Oklahoma working for her fellow tribal citizens.  Retiring to Topeka, Lisa serves on the Board of Directors of ArtsConnect and is a Trustee of the Shawnee County Historical Society.


If you are wanting to submit your work for either exhibition or for sale in our gift shop, we accept submissions for consideration from all artists who qualify as Native American under the guidelines of the Indian Arts & Crafts Act.  If you are not familiar with this Federal act and the qualifications, please review.

To submit, please send an email with the following:

1. A copy of proof of tribal affiliation/certification

2. Intentions of submission: solo show, inclusion in mixed artist show, consignment, or sale of items for Gift Shop

3. Artist bio, statement and photo/logo

4. 5 low res files or photos of work samples

By submitting to 785 Arts LLC, you acknowledge that if chosen or accepted, we cannot guarantee a specific month or date.  You also acknowledge that you will be responsible for delivery/pickup or shipping/return shipping, except in the case of 785 Arts LLC purchasing outright, as well as insurance of items.  More details will be on the agreement offered to you upon acceptance.