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Native American Arts Council

A native-led artist organization providing resource information, networking, and tribal government liaison services for federally recognized tribal citizens living off-reservation in the state of Kansas.

Why is a Native Arts Council Needed?

The  mainstream art world and the Native American art world are very different from each other.  Most art councils do not address culture, language, resources, tribal programs, or even the Indian Arts and Crafts Act.

Common responses given when Native artists are asked about joining mainstream art organizations, galleries and shows is, “Nothing applies to me.”  By living off-reservation, we lose touch with our programs, markets, and each other.

Many Native Americans who live in Kansas are not citizens of the four Kansas-based federally-recognized tribes, or are not students at Haskell Indian Nations University.  As off-reservation, or “at-large” tribal citizens, we are often left out of the loop for news on tribal programs and art shows/markets, training programs, and unique circumstances.  It also can also leave us in a cultural desert.

How We Are Structured

We are supported by a truly Native American perspective – partners and volunteers.  All Native artist members have a voice in the council, and all contribute by providing knowledge and services they are fluent in.  Ally supporters are encouraged to do the same, and contribute through our Patreon.

785 Native American Art Council is currently administered by 785 Arts LLC, a Native American and woman owned business, certified by the Indian Arts and Crafts Board of the US Department of the Interior.

What We Provide

Just a few....


•Regularly posted information on tribal initiatives, markets, and arts and culture news

•Information blasts on the iconic Native American shows, markets, and museums

•Professional development for Native Artists from a Native perspective

•Training for non-Native galleries in

     Indian Arts and Crafts Act

     Working with Native Artists

     Collection assessment for cultural sensitivity, public viewing appropriateness, et

     Integrating Native Art with other collections and in exhibits and shows

     How to label Native American artists, particularly tribal affiliations

     Custom programs

•Contract Native American Curator Services

White Structure


•Membership is open to all federally-enrolled artists living in Kansas.  Ally memberships are open to all non-Native organizations, professional leaders, and other non-Native people who work in or support the arts.

Native American artist membership is free.

If You Are an Ally

We need the help of non-Native galleries, organizations, and other professionals to help by becoming an ally-member so you can be part of the much needed Indigenize the Art World movement!

Ally memberships are through our Patreon.

Ally members will get informational blasts, access to training, and member-rates for Native American Curator services and consulting.  You are setting a precedent, and being in the forefront of including Native art in the mainstream art world!

Membership Application

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Get in Touch

785 Arts LLC

935 N Kansas Ave.

(lower level)

Topeka, KS 66608

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