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Our Current Events & Exhibit!


Jennifer Bohlander | Alaska Collection

Available for viewing: Mon - Fri • 6 am through 6 pm

purchase by appointment, online payment, or during gallery hours or by appointment.

We will have no more openings or receptions at this location during 2023.  HOWEVER, we are curating TWO shows we invite you to come visit!!

Land Acknowledgement:

Three Sisters Art Exhibit 

Join us at NOTO Arts Center Morris Gallery for August and September 2023 as part of a NOTO Land Acknowledgement project. For this special exhibition artists were asked to submit art illustrating the Three Sisters story from many Native American tribal cultures, as well as depictions of the origins of North Topeka limited to the Gonville-Pappan sisters and the Kaw Reserves.
Art in the Vestibule exhibit is "The Art of Diane Lawrence".
Gallery hours are Wednesdays 11-5, Thursdays and Fridays 11-7, and Saturdays 10 - 4.

Do Pi Ka: A Land Acknowledgement
Sept 8 – Nov 26, 2023

This exhibit will explore art and culture of the Indigenous people and artists who made, and continue to make, Topeka and Shawnee County their home today. We acknowledge and honos the original inhabitants of Shawnee County. Many tribes have cultivated the land, built homes, named the flora and fauna, and were forcibly moved to, and away from, what we now call home. Often history leaves out the many Nations who have called this land home. 

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