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On-on-One, or Small Groups

At her studio located at Amused Gallery in Topeka's NOTO Arts & Entertainment District, Lisa is pleased to teach classes to individuals, two or three students. Classes are in a safe environment - we provide masks or face shields, hand washing and hand sanitizer.  For groups of 10 or more, we can provide your class at Paper June (down the street in NOTO),  or offsite at your location.  The classes we offer include:

•Children's Cultural Arts 10-week Program

Children will meet for 1 hour per week and explore various cultural and art aspects of the Cherokee, tailored for children 8-12.  Activities include language skills, clay beads, 'booger' masks, and Cherokee Basktry

•Teen/Adult Cultural Arts 10-week Program

Participants will learn about Cherokee history, introduction to Cherokee language, and will make and assemble a Cherokee Cornhusk Doll, Doublewall Basket, and Clay Beads.

•Teen/Adult 10-week Cherokee Language Class

Students will learn to write the Cherokee Syllabary, and will learn to speak common phrases and an introductory vocabulary of words.  Includes workbook.

•Cherokee Friendship Dolls

Session for 2 participants who make a Cornhusk Doll from beginning to completion, and then trade them with each other instead of keeping the one they made - true Friendship Dolls!  Includes all materials

•Cherokee Doublewall Basket Class (Teen/Adult)

My most popular class!  This is a 2.5 - 3 hour class where participants will make a Cherokee Doublewall Basket from start to finish (no harvesting or dying involved). Includes all materials.

•Basket Weaving for Children (7-12)

Four-session class; once a week for four weeks to complete a Cherokee basket.  Children learn the concepts of weaving and dying before starting the basket.

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